Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

” This is the Guide about “Succeeding At a Job Interview” that I would have written had I been inclined, so I have no problem  recommending it to you (and using my affiliate link) ” .

My Disclosure to you…..

As a supporter of “openness online” I want to be fully transparent. Sometimes our website will  review products that we have an Affiliate relationship with. These products are personal favorites of mine. Because of these relationships we will sometimes receive some form of compensation from the company whose products we review.


 “If you choose to buy this from me, I get some beer money OR my niece gets the “Pink Pony” she’s been asking for !”



… I’m sure the pink pony will ‘win the day’… lol


… so “Click” the affiliate link below to check it out…. !!

“The Ultimate Guide for Job Interview Answers”


Have a great day everyone…



PS… “The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers” is one such a product. It’s a product I love,,,, Bob has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to this Guide, is connected to most of his customers on Linked In and, because of this feedback, is now on the 7th Edition of the ‘book’….