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” The 1 Type of Interview Question You NEED to Be Focusing On Right Now…! ”




Hello…. my name is Gerald Ball and in today’s article we’re going to be taking a “behind the scenes” look at what is really going on during the job interview process. Then , you’ll discover which “type” of Interview Question you absolutely need to be focusing on right now … in 2017 !


Even if you only spend a small amount of time learning to master this “type of question” the rewards can be immense.

But …

Conversely, not understanding how these questions’ “work” and what the interviewer is really “looking for” will inevitably lead to failure.

Fortunately, however, this in your hands !


” … so , what is this “all important” type of Question ? “


” Behavioral Questions “


“Behavioral Questions” have quickly become one of the most widely used forms of interviewing today.

So, lets start with a “sneak peek” at some of the most popular behavioral questions you’re likely to be asked in your coming interviews.

Then, we’ll examine “why” Hiring Managers “absolutely love” this type of question and how you can use this, together with a simple formula, to you give yourself a massive advantage…


“Describe a time when you demonstrated the ability to be an effective team member.”

Tell me about a time when you had to meet a challenging deadline. How did you manage your workload?”

“Can you give me an example of a situation where you’ve had to use your communication skills to resolve a conflict.”

In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company? What makes you qualified for this position?

“Tell me about a recent success you had with dealing with a customer complaint.”



” Hiring Managers Love These Types of Questions .. for 2 Very Good Reasons! ”


Interview Questions and Answers

Firstly, they are universally recognized as being the best “predictor” of how well a candidate is likely to perform if offered the job.

It is said that Behavioral Interviewing is 55% predictive of future “on-the-job performance” compared to Traditional Interviewing , which only has a 10% “predictive rate”.


And, secondly, “Behavioral Questions” go to the very “heart” of the entire interview process because they answer one of the “3 Key Questions” all interviewers need to know … ?

Let me explain…

What most articles won’t tell you is that when you ‘strip it all back’, there are really just 3 Key questions you’re being asked “over and over” again in every interview.


This is because ALL interviewers need to determine 3 Key things:

  1. Will we like working with you?  [personal & ‘cultural fit’]
  2. Are you going to enjoy the job and stay motivated?
  3. Can you actually do the job?


Behind every Behavioral question, Aptitude test, Group Interview, KSA, or modern E-Tray assessment the interviewer is really seeking to answer at least one of these 3 Key questions…

With Behavioral Questions the interviewer is specifically looking to answer this crucial 3rd question …. whether, “You can actually do the Job ? ” ….

This, together with the fact that Behavioral Interviews have been shown to be the best “predictor” of future “on-the-job” performance now make it essential you are able to answer this type of question..


” Fortunately, This Is Easy To Do …. ! “


“The Shortcut to Mastering Behavioral Interview Questions!”


                 Understand this, the best job candidates are NOT lucky..

They know how to craft strong answers to the most common interview questions in a strategic way that illustrates how their “skills and competencies” are an “ideal fit” with the job requirements.

                             In essence, they follow a Formula!


Typically, when faced with Behavioral Questions your “average candidate” will resort to the STAR technique but today I will introduce you to a “formula” that takes this old technique to a whole “new level” and will give you a massive advantage over your competition….


Before, you can successfully use the Formula you need to understand something ….

Everyday ,  I will see candidates “stumble” through their interviews because they don’t understand that Behavioral  questions actually have 2 Parts


1. Firstly, you will be asked to describe a challenge, problem, or situation from your past and explain the outcome or result.

2. Then, you will typically be asked a follow-up, or “probe” question designed to expose your mind-set, attitude, and thought process.


Here are 2 quick examples so you know what to expect !


Qst: “Describe a situation when you needed to persuade others who didn’t agree with you”

Probe: “What would you do differently next time?”


Qst: “Share an example of a goal you set and tell me how you went about achieving it”

Probe: “What was the outcome?”


Both parts are vital to your success so when “crafting your answers” using the Formula I’m about to show you it is important you are also thinking about possible “Follow Up” questions  you might be asked…


=>  Having said that, lets now look at Robert Firestone’s SOARL Formula™  <=



” The SOARL™ Formula “


Typically, with any behavioral interview the employer has already identified the “skill set and competencies” they need in the person they want to hire.

With behavioral questions, the interviewer is looking for you to provide examples of how you’ve handled specific situations in the past and demonstrated the ‘skills’ and competencies they seek.

The underlying idea here is that your past job performance is a strong indicator of how you will handle yourself in the future.


To HELP your Hiring Manager you need to be able to show them how your “skills and competencies ” are an “ideal match” to the job requirements.

The SOARL™ Formula allows you to do this by offering evidence in the form of engaging stories that are not only relevant but also supported by metrics and emotional intelligence.


” .. so, how does the SOARL Formula™ work ” ”


The SOARL™ Formula is actually very simple….


Start by “Brainstorming”.. Think of past achievements from your professional life, then craft “stories” that capture the skills necessary for the position you’ve applied for…

The secret, however, is in the “crafting” of your stories….

To “craft” a great story you will need to include 5 Specific Elements:

“SOARL” = Situation / Objective / Action / Results / Learning


What was the situation, problem, or task you were facing? Give specific details and background information. “Paint the picture”.


What specifically needed to be achieved (your objective) to fix the situation, and how did you determine that this should be your objective?



What did you do to achieve your objective? What course of action did you take, and what competencies did you need? {Leadership, Teamwork, Written Communication, Technology, maybe Innovation?}


Describe what you achieved using numbers, percentages, and fractions. How much time or money did you save? What were you able to increase? What were you able to decrease? Did you meet or exceed your objective?

What feedback did you receive? {From your Boss, Customers, Internal stakeholders} . Did other people recognize your efforts? Name them specifically.


What did you learn from this experience, and how did you apply that going forward?


=> To Learn How To “Craft” A Great SOARL Story … CLICK HERE ! <=




Above are the essential ingredients of a great  SOARL Story so lets look at it “in action” with a “real life” example..



In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company? What makes you qualified for this position?



“Thanks… that’s an important question, Sarah, and one that gets me very excited…

“I really think that based on my considerable experience in market research, combined with my “energy” and passion for developing new sales channels, I can keep things running smoothly and efficiently here at Walmart.”

“Also, I’m confident I can help reduce costs by managing the marketing budget more effectively. I was able to do that successfully while working at Apple and I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be able to do the same thing here. FOR EXAMPLE, at Apple I cut costs within our department by 24% over the course of seven months by implementing “a very unique” Online Strategy.

“Let me tell you what I did. PICTURE THIS SCENARIO … [ tell your S.O.A.R.L story HERE ].

“I hope I’ve covered everything to your satisfaction, Sarah … Does that sound like the kind of experience you’re looking to bring to your team?”



“4 Hot Tips ”


When creating your SOARL story it is highly likely you will initially focus on the “core elements” such as ‘the Situation’, your ‘Objective’ and the ‘Actions’ you took.

But, to really “stand out” from your competition you will also need to highlight 4 “little things” that most people overlook ….


“Metrics of Success” – I want ‘EVIDENCE ‘ of your past success. Be precise! Give me something “concrete”. Use Numbers, Percentages and Fractions as this will make your results seem more valid and conveys to me that you’re organized and “on top of things”.


“Highlight Feedback” – “Fantastic, MORE EVIDENCE!” Maybe not as concrete as the “numbers” above but when used “in tandem” this combination of evidence is extremely powerful. It’s like a “one-two combination”. Remember, be specific… was there recognition from your boss, customer feedback, a promotion perhaps ?


“Learning” – Most people won’t include this so “play it up”. A lot of jobs require “Self Awareness” so illustrate how you have carried out an honest ‘self-critique’, what you learned and how you used that ‘going forward’.


“Follow Up Questions”THIS IS HUGE – Did you notice how WE used a “follow up” question in the example above ?

“Does that sound like the kind of experience you’re looking to bring to your team, Sarah ?


Are you asking questions like this ?

If not, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Many candidates feel uncomfortable asking questions such as this. Instead, they have a list of 3 or 4 questions they will ask ‘religiously’ at the end of every interview and while I would still encourage this, they are failing to recognize that they NEED to be building rapport right from the “get go”.

But, here’s the key..!

You need to be asking “follow-up” questions strategically. This isn’t a case of, “any question will do”. Your questions need to be open, they need to be relevant and crucially they also need to be geared towards either THEIR needs or be “painting” you as their ideal candidate.. [[See Example Above]]


=> “To Learn How To Do This … CLICK HERE ! ” <=




“If you take just 1 single action after reading this article, it should be to identify and write out 5 to 8 detailed SOARL™ stories”.


The difference between people who have a flood of relevant stories, and people who don’t is ENORMOUS.


At this stage you have 2 options ?

Firstly, you can “go it alone” and attempt to do this yourself. I know you can do this but, don’t forget… once you have completed your SOARL stories you will still need to “tie” them in with a decent Competency Model, an Opening Statement and Follow Up questions.

If you have a lot of spare time and are willing to spend your evenings searching online, then this is viable…


… or

Secondly, if you’re keen to start  “moving forward” and want to Save Time then you should check out Robert Firestone’s “Ultimate Guide to Answering Job Interview Questions“…


This is a massive Short-Cut and includes:

=> Loads of “inside tricks & tactics” for answering Behavioral Qst’s..

=> “Done For You” Answers to the 80 “most popular” Interview Questions – just customize to make your own!

=> 45 of the best “Follow Up” questions so you can uncover their “hidden needs” and build fantastic rapport….


   …. plus a lot more !


WARNING, Robert’s website is seriously UGLY… but, behind it is an extraordinary ‘Guide’, with..

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Kind Regards

Gerald Ball






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